fredag 9 november 2012

Scary moments p. 70-71

Where does the text take place?
In a house in the countryside.

Who are the main characters in the text?
The main character in the text is Rachel.

What’s the story line?
Rachel and her parents moves to a house in the countryside. Rachel finds out that the house is haunted because she saw a ghost beside her bed. Her parents didn’t believe it, they said that the ghost was just a nightmare. But one day the house catches on fire, the ghost tells here to leave. And then she understands why, the ghost wanted to save her. But at the end they move to another house because her dad got a new job. 

What makes the text scary?
I think she felt that she was being watched by the ghost, because she saw it in the garden and beside her bed. And I think the fear of being watched is.. not the best. 

Can you find any useful words that the author uses to make the text scary?
 ”Scared stiff”, it’s more of an expression but it describes the person how she feels, and I think when you are scared stiff you’re very, very scared. "Trembling", also describes how the person feels, but it’s not that ”extreme” as scared stiff. 

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