onsdag 29 januari 2014

Character Tracer - Gift Mlungu

I’m going to describe a 17 year old boy called Gift Mlungu. A part from his awe-inspiring surname he is also an incredibly fast sprinter, that’s why he possesses the nickname ”gudji-gudji”. This nickname comes from a flat spider with long legs that is as fast as lightning. Gift is fairly tall and slender, but also proud, as the protagonist puts it in the text. She also describes him as if he looked like a Zulu even if it isn’t his native tribe. That means, according to my conclusion, that Zulu’s are presumably tall and slender... which should be pretty obvious at this point. Gracie, the girls friend, also implies that Gift is handsome and sweet, as does the protagonist (what’s her name!?). In the end it turns out that he’s ’engaged’ to Sunni, an Indian girl, which the protagonist couldn’t even handle with moderate ease; frankly, she got pretty shocked. 

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