onsdag 12 februari 2014


5 Opposites
opposite - similar
pale - tan
evil - nice
smooth - rough
deny - accept

5 Synonyms
giggle - snicker (or titter)
slender - thin
patio - garden
reply - answer
sidewalk - pavement 

5 Sentences 
Our supply of food is scarce.
Animals are hostile until you tame them.
That’s a huge open wound, I’d recommend you to call 911. NOW.
I assume the squirrels on the branch over there quarrel over important life matters, like for example nuts... and stuff. 

5 explanations 
Hugging is something two people do when special emotions are felt or due to bonding or a special overwhelming event, but this varies a substantially. 
Chap is a funky and rather british way to say ”friend”. 
Fur coat is a coat made of animal fur. It can real fur but also fake, it is a matter of preference.
A lawn is a dirt area with green grass growing out of it.
Primary school is the first type of school one goes to. It is where you get basic education which is free in most countries. 

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