tisdag 5 februari 2013

Book Circle - Word finder

Resolution - Upplösning eller beslut 
Shrug - axelryckning
Declarations - deklarationer
Gaze - stirra
Pavement - trottoar
Acorn - ekollon
Cane - käpp
Chip - passning (när man passar en boll med foten)
Shuffle - hasa eller gå långsamt
Sighted - en som kan se
Handkerchief - näsduk

We made our resolution and you should obey it!
She shrugged because she didn’t know the answer.
Remember her important declaration and you will be happy for the rest of your life...
He shuffled down the pavement because he was tired after a long day of work. 
That bird gazed at me awkwardly, how weird...
Ouch, an acorn just hit me in the head... stupid tree.
Old people use canes so they can walk properly.
Hey! Chip the ball to me!
I’m lucky that I didn’t lose my sight, or my life... 
He sat down on the bench, started crying and blew his nose in his handkerchief.

Draw lines between the words

Resolution                                     Axelryckning
Cane                                         En som kan se
Pavement                                             Näsduk
Sighted                                                 Ekollon
Shuffle                                                  Trottoar
Handkerchief                                     Passning
Acorn                                                      Hasa
Shrug                                             Upplösning
 Declarations                                            Käpp
Chip                                                        Stirra
                                     Gaze                                             Deklaration                                

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